Thursday, April 01, 2010

Obama warns that recession may last into his third term

Obama said today that his administration may have deal with this recession for at least another ten years. “This recession was caused by massive borrowing and spending, and the only way to fix it is more spending on an unprecedented scale. If the economy doesn’t recover after five years, we’ll just have keep trying. I may even be forced to run for a forth term. But it should be clear that long term recessions require long term planning, much of which be done at once without any time for debate or consideration by Congress.”


Daddy said...

His third term VP, and succeeding president, Luis X. Farakhan, seems to disagree: the depression should last at least into his own forth term presidency or and no less than his investors require.

Michael Enders said...

Lets amend the Constitution to do away with those troubling elections and let the President, Vice President and members of Congress serve for life. No more massive campaign contributions to corrupt the system. We can have our corruption with much greater efficiency and less expense!

Daddy said...

As someone who has not been born in Hawaii, and due to importance of this date, I, for one, would agree to become a benevolent dictator for life and to follow universally recognized, almost 500 old, wisdom how to rule pragmatically:


You Big Daddy.

AA Wulf said...

LoL! I thought Enders got brainwashed by Glen Beck until I noticed the date of the post. LoL! Good to see you do at least have a good sense of humor, sir.

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