Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obligatory Tax Post

I will concede that taxes are necessary to pay for things like police, national defense, and courts. Even if you never call the police and never set foot in a courtroom, you still benefit from their existence. If you don't agree with that, perhaps you can ask the county to disconnect 911 from your house.

But there are programs that do not universally benefit every citizen. There is nothing wrong with sport stadiums, but they are a luxury enjoyed only by sports fans. Ethanol has both industrial and recreational uses, but it should be funded solely by the people who actually use it. And if you want to help struggling banks, I won't stop you from sending a personal check.

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Daddy said...

I would gladly, if I could, ask to disconnect my 911 instead of relying on organization/person who may benefit handsomely from my misfortune. In particularly in this age of budget cuts when a pressure to "deliver results" could be overwhelming for some folks. When dads are getting shoot at often on a claim of having a pointed gun while wild deers deers running across busy roads at will.. I wonder what it is better for a career improvement, shooting a dad or a deer? I would think shooting a prominent member of an opposition party would be even a better deal. So please "Be afraid, be very, very afraid.."