Monday, December 07, 2009

Hypothetical "Tea Party" leads GOP in new poll

According to a new poll, a hypothetical Tea Party candidate would receive more support than a GOP candidate. Who's the third party now?

It would take too long a new political party from scratch by the next election. I don't think that the GOP can be reformed in time if at all. Those options would be like choosing between a old, rat-infested mansion that has seen better days and a vacant lot. Fiscal conservatives should choose the Libertarian Party as their new home. At least we have the framework up.


limousine hire said...

The Tea party is on the top of the series..and got a 33% votes ..

Robert Enders said...

You must have seen a different poll then. Can you post a link?

F6's Editor said...

a old, rat-infested mansion that has seen better days and a vacant lot

HA Ha and people complain about my analogies being overly disgusting and lewd, loved it.

Gloria said...

Americans aren't afraid to complain, but to actually change? More specifically change the way they vote? No, Americans are stupid and they will bitch endlessly about things, but as for making an effort to change things, they won't.

Besides, Americans are so beaten down, overworked, overweight, tired, and sick to worry too much about the future of this country.

Are there any registered Libertarian talk show hosts who aren't whack jobs? Nominate HIM for office and you might actually see some change.

Robert Enders said...

Name one POTUS during your lifetime who wasn't a crook or a whackjob.

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