Monday, December 21, 2009

When the shoe is on the other foot

Conventional wisdom says that a future GOP president and/or Congress would not dare repeal any healthcare reform that is passed this year. Conventional wisdom is probably right, assuming that there will be another Republican POTUS.

A skilled politician uses the status quo to his advantage. Any new law that increases government healthcare costs would create what could be considered by some to be a compelling state interest in anything that affects our health. That's already the case with tobacco; the taxes you pay on cigarettes at age 20 are supposed to pay for the oxygen tank that you'll need at age 70, when you're covered by Medicare.

Hypothetically, what if everyone were covered by Medicare? The federal government would have to provide Zithromax for everyone who needed it for an infection related to nocturnal activities. An outbreak of infections could give an GOP-controlled CDC the pretext to close nightclubs. Lawrence v. Texas could be overturned.

You want funding for abortion? You'll be lucky if it's allowed at all. Experts might disagree on whether or not abortion causes breast cancer, but don't doubt the potential for someone to manufacture the evidence. They'll say "If you're not allowed to smoke in a hospital, why should you be allowed to have an abortion in a hospital that gets federal funding?"

Ever hear a parent say "You have to follow my rules until you can pay your own bills"? Imagine what it will be like when you are prohibited from paying your bills.


Christian Prophet said...

It may be politically advantageous to repeal an extremely unpopular and bad law. Check out the message from Jesus Christ, libertarian:

Gloria said...

Or we could just go to an all or nothing rule when it comes to health care: cover everyone or cover NOBODY. Either way, it would be fair. But the NOBODY gets covered rule would save a lot of money and weed out the weak. Not a very Christian view, but certainly an American one.

Robert Enders said...

Our government is not a Christian government, although Christians are certainly welcome to help others if they so choose.

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