Thursday, November 27, 2008

No To the GM Bailout

What do I think about the proposed bailout? No. Never. Nada.

As someone who has a college education, I find it ridiculous that someone who never attended college makes more than I do. Doesn't this send a mixed message? I thought college grads were supposed to make more money than people who aren't college grads. It doesn¢t take a college degree to operate a robotic machine, and doing that task doesn¢t warrant a job that pays upwards of $25 an hour.

In an article in the November 12 Journal Gazette, Nancy Pelosi said any assistance to the auto industry should include limits to executive compensation. If the factory workers expect huge buyouts, do you think the executives are going to be any different? Hell no!

A free enterprise system doesn't rely on government to bail out businesses. If you can't run your business competently, you deserve to go under.


tim zank said...

Gloria! Where ya been all my life??

Ha! Just kidding, (easy Robert) but I absolutely love your spot-on observation! I was told and schooled from early on that a college education would be my savior,. It was the ONLY answer to a better way of life. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe it truly does lead to a better life, as education is actually priceless in many respects.

As a brief background to ustify my comments:
My entire family, from parents, to all siblings to my own oldest child all have a college degree. My folks and siblings are either double degreed, or holders of masters degrees. I went to I.U. Bloomington for 1 semester on my own ime, as all the "educators" in my family were obviously broke. I made a conciencous (sp?) decision after one semester that I was not going to be as financially strapped as all of my "over-educated" family. I regret, to some degree, that decision as I would have loved to follow in their footsteps and become a teacher, but I wanted more $$$$.

I'd seen my family struggle, and I didn't want to ever be "poor" again. Ironically, I was rich very early and poor again twice, but recouped again (like Americans should). I may go broke again, I hope not, but at least I'm not afraid to take a chance. I had a few friends who went the union route out of high school, but not many because the union was killing Internation Harvestor in the late 70's when I graduated. The ones that did, ended up disillusioned and displaced and pretty damn bitter...

The bottom line is: Unions don't have a place anymore in America. They were formed to protect workers "rights" when it pertained to safety, which was worthwile, admirable and necessary. Once "collective bargaining" became the "meme" it was all over.

They became the very thing they claimed to be fighting against.
Sorry for the rant, I'm rather passionate about this!

Bob G. said...

Just a pipedream of mine, but I have seen this work in many cases...
Allow the WORKERS the become the majority shareholders and own controlling interest in these car companies...
THEN they can turn themselves back around.
Used to be called a CO-OP, I believe.

Sure it's on the LARGEST scale one can imagine, but anything is better than having these bloated CEOs and unions in charge.

Just a thought.


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