Tuesday, December 02, 2008

F6 FWD: What have we done while slouching towards Bethlehem?

In Memoriam: His name was Jdimytai Damour of Jamaica, Queens, New York City!

I guess written words are to few to describe the horror of what took place last Friday. So much in fact, that as this was originally Saturdays second post (on my personal blog), it has taken me this long to write out anything substantial. I will first start with
Chris Thompson's response, as maybe that can begin to shed some sorrow on America's collective soul.

I realize this is going to be strict, and very Libertarian of me to suggest, but:
  • People who were involved in the stampede should be arrested for involuntary manslaughter. They don't need to serve time but this man deserves justice, especially since he was denied mercy.
  • They and Wal*Mart should be forced to pay for his death benefit to his family and for his children and the infant in the womb, if it survives, to go to college.
  • Change the way business is done in this country by forcing through your choice of patronage of establishments and where your money is spent!
  • Help for the family of the employee and the baby that was compromised.
  • We need to find out the man's name and quit objectifying this tragedy.
  • We should rename the Friday after Thanksgiving in his honor and memory
  • Never forget the tragedy that could have been prevented if we as one take a stand that we truly are a people of honor and sacrifice for our fellow man.
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Anonymous said...

tragic accidents happen all the time this one gets press and now you want to rename a day? open the newspaper on any day and you will find something tragic happened that could have been avoided. i think your taking this one a little to close to the heart. how many innocent shildren have been aborted since this happened? thatis a a sensless tragidy