Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smoking ban may go statewide

From the Journal Gazette

Folks, if they can outlaw smoking in private establishments on public health grounds, they can outlaw outdoor grilling on the same grounds:


tim zank said...

Indiana will end up passing a statewide ban with the help of all the bullshit statistics these "experts" spew. 50,000 people a year die from 2nd hand smoke??? That's bullshit. So is the $3400 per year in lost productivity figure.

I'm absolutely amazed there are so many people bored with their own lives that they feel compelled to force me to change my behavior as it applies to my use of a perfectly legal product.

This crusade has become a cottage industry for busy bodies, politicians and health care companies looking to expand their reach.

Those of you that don't smoke and support the bans don't realize it yet, but when all us smokers are forced to quit, where do you think the billions in tax revenues we enjoy from cigarette taxes are gonna come from?????

Those billions will be extracted from you do-gooders, so be careful what you wish for, it's gonna cost you big-time.

One more thing to consider from the financial aspect of this quest to allow everyone to live forever, is your sizeable contribution to ALL programs used by senior citizens living longer, like social security, medicare, medicaid etc....

If the nannies don't understand the civil liberty aspects of the argument of being free, perhaps they'll wake up and leave us alone when they add up the bill they will be handed by "helping" us out.


Mike said...

Yes, public health should not be a concern of elected officials, health care companies, and "busy bodies." You are right, the CDC really has an axe to grind and as such, they make up their statistics. Those darn actuaries do as well. Forget the phony statistics and testimony from doctors and other health professionals, give me smoking indoors or give me death!

tim zank said...

Well I'm no Doctor, but I'll bet a shitload of dough that standing on a street corner as a Ft Wayne PTC takes off does more damage to your lungs than an evening in a nightclub.

The CDC really does have an axe to grind, it's called "justifying your existence".

Robert Enders said...

When pushing for the county and city bans, Dr. John Crawford argued that any amount of secondhand smoke could raise a person's blood pressure and trigger a heart attack. But a whole host of seemingly innocent environmental factors can trigger a heart attack if a person has a heart condition. Roller coasters, loud noises, and bad news can a acute myocardial infarction. Remember the Steelers fan who had a cardiac episode after Jerome Bettis fumbled during a playoff game against the Colts? Should rock concerts and TV's tuned to CNN be banned from public establishments? No, because people with heart problems know to stay away from certain places. Bars and restaurants should be allowed to permit smoking so as long as they post a sign at the entrance indicating this.

Many supporters of smoking bans do have an axe to grind, and that is against smoking. They know that they can't ban smoking outright(yet), but they figure that they can reduce the number of smokers by placing increasing restrictions on smoking. These restrictions tend to be popular because most people don't smoke. But anything that can be done to tobacco in the name of public health can be done to anything else.

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