Wednesday, November 19, 2008

F6 FWD: Michigan cant tell where Indiana is?

This is part of an F6 post I am working on still. This is the first portion.
I encourage you to go read the rest at your leisure, it should be completed sometime tomorrow.

Yes you heard correctly fellow Libertarians, according to a recent post over at Indiana Law Blog, sourcing a story from The Associated Press, Michigan told Indiana that after four years it cant figure out where the 104 mile long border is between the two States. They lost most of the wooden survey markers due age and degradation over time. Who was the idiot, even back in 1827, that decided to mark out the Border of the State with wooden stakes? Especially in this climate, at least use concrete and metal to begin with.

Apparently the only thing signifying where the border is a possible few marker posts and one lone confirmed marker they found in the middle pointe of the border. Here are some statements of interest from the article:
  • Michigan reset its lines in the early 1900's with Wisconsin and Ohio.
  • Professional surveyors can only recover and confirm original markers.
  • Those that are lost can only be replaced by a joint action of the Indiana and Michigan legislatures or, if those bodies cannot agree on the border's location, the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Once that happens, property that for years was believed to lie in one state could turn out to be in another, creating quandaries regarding property and income taxes, police jurisdictions, school districts and numerous other matters.
  • When the state line is re-established, it could end up moving north or south up to a few hundred feet
Why did Michigan wait until an entire century later to refortify its border with Indiana? Also another statement from the personal interest profile part of the story, The State of Michigan does not charge income tax on disability checks but Indiana does. Isnt that just wrong? The very nature of a disability check is already a. taxpayer money and b. a reduced rate of income so why are we charging people income tax on very little to begin with, they can barely survive on disability income. Yet we say as a State we want some of it back?

Sounds a little hypocritical to me. Then again I am a Libertarian and we dont believe in high taxes or income taxes or government assistance. Which I do disagree with The Party on the last one in most situations. Poor relief doesnt belong primarily in the Churches either because of historical and current ritual abuse and proselytizing. It belongs in the Township level of government but as Citizens never fund it fully, well that is another discussion for later.....

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Robert Enders said...

They shouldn't need wooden markers nowadays. The border should be defined as a line of latitude. Anyone with GPS(meaning almost anyone with a cell phone) would know which state they are in.

Historically, townships were responsible for poverty relief because that often was the only government office within a day's travel of one's house. Now that we have the internal combustion engine, townships are a lot less relevant. Even the poor are highly mobile, and would be inclined to flock to the township that offers them the best services. So many townships might be inclined to offer as little poverty relief as possible to deter the poor from moving there. That is why I think that poverty relief should be handled preferably by nonprofits (including churches if they want to) and by states if needed.

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