Friday, May 16, 2008

Want to move to the southeast side?

For the low, low price of $129,800 you can live in the same part of town that Phil Marx and I live.

I appreciate the intent the city's intent to revive my corner of the city, but not it's effort. Right now, low cost housing is the southeast quadrant's strongest selling point. I live here because I was able to buy a house for $30K. While low house prices are lamented by many economists, that is exactly what attacts young people to an area. For many folks my age, it is either live on the south side or live with their parents.

Trying to sell a southeast home for 100K is like slapping a Cadillac logo on a Chevy Cavelier and trying to charge twice as much. It may be a good quality home or car, but it simply isn't worth what you are trying to charge for it.

The city also should not be offering grants to those who can afford their own housing


Tim Zank said...

Look on the bright side Robert, in a couple of years, that new house will actually be worth about $30k..

Phil Marx said...

Hey, I'll sell my house for a lot less than 100K. And it has two front porches!

Another great selling point is the fact that there is a drug store within easy walking distance.

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