Saturday, May 17, 2008

Maplecrest Extension

I was on the fence on the Maplecrest extension project. The purpose of a road is to reduce travel time. If enough time and fuel would be saved by a new road, then the new road construction would be worthwhile.

From Kevin Leininger

Whatever the project's economic impact, it would yield other benefits, said Dan Avery of the Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council, a transportation planning agency. By 2036 the project would reduce travel by 28,500 miles daily, resulting in a savings to drivers of $23.9 million over 25 years. It would also reduce automobile emissions - an important consideration, Councilwoman Paula Hughes said, because Allen County's air quality has at times failed to meet federal standards.

They could have sold me on it if the gas savings to drivers was high enough. According to their own figures, it would take over 50 years to pay for itself through reduced fuel consumption. That’s assuming people still drive cars in the year 2058. Would you start a business that would not make a profit for 5 decades?

It would be like spending $1000 to save $20 a year. You could make more money than you would have saved if you just put that money into a CD.

Hat tip to Fort Wayne Politics


Tim Zank said...

Robert..... you sez:

The purpose of a road is to reduce travel time...

That just might be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard...


Robert Enders said...

How can that be the most ridiculous thing that you have ever heard? This is a presidential election year, and stuff far more ridiculous is being said all the time.

Perhaps I should have worded that differently. The purpose of a road is to facilitate travel. Feel better?