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Local Politics Part One: Your Questions, Some Answers, and Snarky Commentary

Is it unethical for a Libertarian to vote in a closed primary state like Indiana?

That is technically improper as the two major parties absorb their membership roles based on whom votes under which party. However there are two mitigating circumstances which one must consider before choosing to refrain from a primary vote.

According to the basic concepts of Libertarian ideology, the movement, and the bylaws of the Party, you can be a member of more than one political party and still be a Libertarian. Republicans and Democrats might have an coronary over that practice but we still welcome them with open arms to consider our new paradigm of doing things instead of just dealing with politics as usual and the constant pressure of choosing the lesser of two evils. For Example, POTUSA candidate Dr. Ron Paul is both a Republican and a Libertarian.

In addition there is a issue of tradition of practice usurping application of the law, IC 3-10-1-6.

For instance, in the last gubernatorial primary election four years ago, the citizens of Indiana made a decision of their conscience to vote in the Republican primary assuring that Eric "no gay marriage or bust" Miller and his religious zealot cronies didn't come to power by voting for his opponent, Mitch "sell off the state to the highest bidder" Daniels. Did they make the right decision? At the time, an emphatic "Yes!".

In local politics, the practice of bouncing voters between parties is more celebrated publicly and encouraged regularly by both major parties and candidates. There was the old controversy when Graham "build it and they will pay us back in a century" Richards ran against Linda "my family deserves more power" Buskirk whom beat out (stole from) the better candidate of Joseph "reiff of the shire" Squadrito in the primary. There was an active move by Republicans to adamantly vote for Richards over Buskirk whom most felt was a (fill in the blanks, 3 words) and the Party's favorite or enthroned candidate. Was it the right decision? At the time, a fortunate "Yes".

But why did you have to reelect him again in the form of Tom "did you forget to raise the tax levies again" Henry? Oh that's right, the Republicans cant put up a decent candidate or stand behind the one the people choose over their poster child, whom is also up for reelection this year in the other elected executive office he holds currently. Which brings us finally to the example of last years community/civil elections which caused the current state of affairs as far as politics in Allen County goes.

As I like to call it, The Kelty Konundrum, since there are so many issues both legally, politically, and morally, was the hay bale that finally broke the elephants back and showed the fat and the wrinkles for what they are, a broken schismatic political association with a bunch of people fighting for power in a social society rather than serving the citizens of Allen County based on committed ideals and realistic plans of action (please note: the previous statement doesn't apply to all party members just the ones putting their heads up their own and each other's posteriors). It will be interesting to see if the Squirrel Society or the Ron Paul Revolution Groups can pull of a coup d'ta with the Precinct Committee Chairs and Delegates to the either the Allen County or State Conventions of the Republican Party.

What is the current state of affairs in Allen County politics?

The Republican Party of Allen County is broke and shortly to be evicted from its lavish office that was renovated several years ago to be a "lasting testimony" to its Chair's leadership (turn and cough three times) and vision for the future. The Democratic Party of Allen County while gaining so much in the Common Council race last year also is having its share of bad leadership activities and may have opened itself up to campaign finance fraud as reported by local CPA and LPAC's 3rd previous Chair, Mike Sylvester, @ Fort Wayne Politics.

We are not immune from controversy either.

LPAC at the beginning part of this year lost two of its previous Chairpersons to the "dark side", and we had a few CFA forms get filed late last year. It has been a slow but steady transition of power. Because we had the mechanisms in place via our bylaws, some damn good common sense amongst the officers that are currently in charge, and a committed core membership, we were able to succeed in the transition.

We are in the process of posturing LPAC for a full slate of activities in and around the local community and a county wide outreach for this election cycle and into the years that follow. We are not just asking for your vote this fall. We are offering a viable alternative to having to choose between the lesser of two evils. We are asking everyone to help us bring a vision of a different way of doing business throughout all of Allen County's political landscape for years to come. Thank you!

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