Friday, May 23, 2008

Jury duty

I received a jury duty survey the other day. I would guess that being a card-carrying Libertarian would probably keep me from serving as a juror on a drug case. Other than that, I really do look forward to serving on a jury.

I believe that jury duty should be a civic obligation contingent on whether or not one chooses to vote. When a person votes, that person is expressing a preference on who should enact new laws. Since it is more important to enforce existing laws than it is to pass new laws, a person who chooses to vote must also be willing to serve on a jury.

Having said that, if anyone out there wishes to decrease their odds of being picked for a jury, simply do the following:
1. Go to and become a member today.
2. Vote Libertarian. A libertarian society would mean fewer laws, and thus fewer criminal trials involving juries.


Parson said...

Every time I get a jury duty notice I call the number they give and get told I don't have to report. I want the time off work and seeing a trial first hand would be interesting.

Irvine Engineer said...

You need to realize that the State cannot
conscript (enslave, take without compensation). A jury summons is an
invitation, not an obligation. The defendant’s right to jury trial does not obligate you.

But if you go, look up what a Fully
Informed Jury is.

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