Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama and his pastor

On this blog I have defended Ron Paul against what I felt were unfair allegations of racism. It could be considered hypocritical of me not to do the same for Barack Obama.

We all go throughout life developing relationships with other from all walks of life. Some of them, though they might be outwardly friendly towards you, may make negative and unfair remarks about people of other races. You can either choose to remain friends with this person while disagreeing with his racist remarks. Or you can sever all ties with this person. If all non-racists choose the second option, all racists will continue to surround themselves with those who share and reinforce their hateful beliefs. You don't teach a man to love by hating him.

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William Larsen said...

The economic stimulus package is a waste. We have over $10 trillion in national debt, a social security program projected to exhaust its trust fund by 2041, Medicare to exhaust its trust fund by 2019 (most likely 2016) and huge deficits. The last surplus the general budget ran was in 1959. Yet we borrow hundreds of millions to pay a rebate. We all need to look our children and/or grand children straight in the face and say thank you. It won’t be use paying this back, but our children.

This stimulus bill is a farce. Is this a way of using Federal General Revenues to compensate workers for high payroll taxes? The Republican Party has lost its way and the Democrats are going around in circles. It is time we stand up and take back our country.

On top of this there is a representative calling for 50-cent tax on each gallon of gas because we consume too much. Maybe what we need is a 20% per year tax, compounded annually on all representative pay until they balance the budget. He says we are consuming too much, give me a break.