Saturday, March 29, 2008

$250 permit to sell sexually explicit materials?

Because of this new law, almost every new bookstore that opens after June 30th will have to pay $250 to the Secretary of State. Supposedly this law is suppose to help counties track establishments that sell titles like "Boogie Nights", "Exit to Eden", and the Old Testament. I presume that this law is intended to protect the few children left who do not have access to the internet.

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ROACH said...

google "sex"
google "porn"
who needs books?
and if you're gay-
google "gay sex" "gay porn"
or simply google "f-ck"(insert u)

stupid unconsitutional laws.
google "indiana constitution"
article 1 section 9.
seems pretty clear to me.
( put parental controls on your computer, keep it in a common area of the home) (away from minors)
as if teens who want to learn about sex wont
google "teen sex"( us code 2257)