Monday, March 24, 2008

Economic Stimulus

I got my letter from the IRS telling me that I will be getting $300 to $600. They should have sent me an email instead. That way they could have sent me $300.25 to $600.25. It would have been even cheaper if they had not witheld that sum from my paycheck in the first place. The government is trying to win my favor by bribing me with my own money.

A friend of mine is buying a Playstation 3 with his money. He is going to stimulate the economy by purchasing foriegn-built electronics. That is still a better plan than printing up millions of letters that will just end up in a landfill within a week.

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John B. Kalb said...

Bob - You are wrong - the government is trying to bribe you with the Saudi's money now and our kids will pay it back with interest at some time in the future!! What a way to operate. We have dunces in Washington (they don't all live in Fort Wayne!!) John B. Kalb