Sunday, March 09, 2008


Where does the government get the right to tell us what time it is? Article 1 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to set weights and measurements. A pound in Colorado should weigh the same as a pound in Maine. Time zones were first established so that railroads could have standard schedules. Congress should make DST universal or abolish it altogether. Does DST save energy? It did before air conditioners were invented. Changing the clocks twice a year only serves to disturb circadian rhythms twice a year. But if we are going to persist in having DST, the dates of the time changes should stay the same every year.


Bobby G. said...

And if engineers were REALLY smart, they could add radio transponders in ALL electronic devices that have a clock...that way they would automatically RESET twice a year.
(I have one clock that already does that)

NAH...too easy. better to cheese off the public and waste energy.
More profit in that.


Robert Enders said...

Congress is trying to show that it cares about saving energy. We can either actually save energy by eliminating pork barrel projects, or pretend to save energy by changing our clocks at arbitrarily determined intervals. We now spend more time on EDT than EST. They should just pick a time and stick with it.

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