Monday, May 15, 2006

Refreshing Discourse

There are two phrases you don't hear enough of in politics- "Thank you" and "I'm sorry". Okay, also add, "I screwed up".

So, it was refreshing to read New Haven Mayor Terry McDonald's letter in the Friday News-Sentinel:
On Tuesday evening, after the public hearing held by the Fort Wayne City Council, Councilman Sam Talarico Jr. and I had a heated conversation regarding our differing opinions on government consolidation. I wish to make a public apology to Councilman Talarico.

You might ask, why don’t you do this privately? Well, my remarks were public, so therefore my apology should likewise be public. I apologize to the councilman for the tone of my voice and my calling him arrogant. To those persons who heard our exchange, please accept my apologies. My comments were made during a lively exchange, and my comment and tone were uncalled for.

A little more of this would make the process far more appealing to far more Americans.


Anonymous said...

Mayor McDonald is a class act not like Councilman Talarico. I think that Paul Lagemann needs to write a letter of forgiveness after the letter he wrote to the newspaper a month ago calling Mayor McDonald names. I guess thats why we will not do business with Talarico's law firm or Carpet Craftsman (Mr. Lagemann's parents company that he works for).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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