Friday, May 12, 2006

Allen County Primary Results?

Beuller? Beuller?

10 days after the primary election, the Secretary of State's office still does not have a posting of the numbers from Allen County. Go to the website, and it's still a bunch of zeroes.

The Allen County wesbite has no posting yet for the primary election.

Interestingly, the News-Sentinel's website has numbers, but not the turnout figures. Makes me wonder where they got the numbers from.

There are many reasons voters are turned off from voting, or simply disenfranchised. Here are two interesting reads:

Geralyn Miller's article on her recent voting experience, in the News-Sentinel. Of course, the poll workers don't know who they are insulting if they make fun of a voter. Sometimes it happens to be an IPFW prof who has written about voting.

My blog post from 2003, when I worked the polls in support of Libertarian candidate for Indianapolis City-County Council Brad Klopfenstein. I found rampant cheating, that was laughed at.

What surprised me was that I thought that cheating occurred in places where one party might be weak, trying to shore up returns. It's the opposite. Parties shave down the minority parties in majority-dominated precincts. It's flawless cheat logic: The other sides already concede this precinct due to natural advantages. But, if we change the margin of victory by a few votes to take the #2 candidate's finish from a 30% to a 20% finish, times however many precincts we can do this in, we reduce the totals for our countywide and statewide opponents by a significant amount.

In this regard, moving from the paper ballots was probably a very good thing. It was easy to look at the old paper ballots and know exactly how someone voted. With the touch screen, the partisans in the room lost the opportunity to raise a question with the voter by glancing at the ballot.

Now all we need are machines that generate a verifiable paper trail- like Ohio has.
-Mike Kole


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