Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harrison FAIL!

Barry Real Estate agreed to pay $5000 a day for each day the condos were delayed. Some apologists insist that Barry Real Estate should not be held to this agreement because "no one could have anticipated the recession".

First of all, recessions happen. They are a contingency that responsible adults have to plan for. I don't anticipate having a car wreck today, but I have insurance and am willing to bear financial responsibility if it does happen. This is a matter of corporate accountability.

Second, since this "unforeseen" housing crisis is now taking place, perhaps the city should consider investing in something other than housing? Personally, I didn't think that this was a good idea even under ideal conditions. But now this is boiling down to basic economics: When demand is down and supply is up, it is a bad time to become a supplier.

The city should sell the lot. It's a great location. Potential buyers may be put off by the fact that it's in the middle of a political sandbox, with many influntial people holding strong and conflicting opinions about what should go there. The city can put those fears to rest by establishing a reputation for consistency: keep all promises, carry out all threats.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Senate candidates to debate at IPFW

I've just heard that Rebecca Sink-Burris and Dan Coats have agreed to three debates. The first will be held October 11th at IUPUI. The second and third debates will be likely be held at IPFW and Vincennes.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Why does a race like the Secretary of State's race matter?
Please check out this article by Mike Kole on the necessity of your consideration to vote this November. Here left is the latest Libertarian Party of Indiana podcast with Mike Kole whom introduces and interviews candidate Mike Wherry for Indiana Secretary of State.

On the 5th of September from 2-4PM there will be an opportunity for you to meet Mike, and all of our candidates and State Officers at the home of Sam Goldstein, LPIN State Chair, 8074 Claridge Rd, Indianapolis. Come meet many of our other 102 candidates from all across Indiana. Hear their plans for the election season, eat, drink and get ready to rumble! $25 per person contribution payble to the LPIN. RSVP to 317-850-0726 or 317-920-1994

Personally speaking, with Libertarian options in all federal offices filled and State offices slated across a wide spectrum, I think we have enough fortitude this year to go to the proverbial wall, and ask for 10 percent in the Indiana Secretary of State race. With all the changes that would entail for local government authorities and advisory boards the Hoosier constituency will finally have change they can grasp not just believe in. (PHOTO: US SENATE CANDIDATE REBECCA SINK-BURRIS)

ERIC KNIPE our candidate for STATE AUDITOR would like to remind everyone to not forget to register to vote. The deadline is October 4th for the November elections. If unsure that you're already registered, go to www.indianavoters.com and click on "Confirm Voter Registration." Beginning this year you may register to vote online in Indiana (through that site).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Push polling taking place

I just got a call from a poll taker. He asked if I was voting for Mike Obergfell or Win Moses. I told him I was voting for Elizabeth Sepponen. If a poll does not include all of the available options, it is not a legitimate poll. I have noticed that some poll takers are better than others about including all the candidate in a particular race.

Monday, August 09, 2010

FLOTUS in Spain

I emphatically do not care what Michelle Obama does in her free time. She is a private citizen who happens to be married to an elected official. She is free to come and go wherever she wants, just like anybody else. The President should not be held responsible for her actions.

Friday, August 06, 2010

The proposed NYC Islamic center

The World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists who happened to be Muslims. The Alfred P. Murrah building was destroyed by terrorists who happened to be military veterans. The vast majority of Muslims and veterans are not terrorists. An Islamic center in New York City will be as harmless as a VA hospital in Oklahoma City.

The proposed center does not present any substantial threats to national security. Terrorists do not ask permission from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission before demolishing a building. No competent sleeper agent would spend much time hanging out in a $100 million building with a big sign that says "Islamic Center" out in front.

Instead, the arguments against the proposed center stem from matters of "sensitivity". It would seem that political correctness is no longer the sole domain of the left.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Why isn't the recession being blamed on the Iraq and Afghan wars?

If I were an advisor to the POTUS, I would tell him to blame our economic troubles on the War on Terror. It would get him off the hook for a lot of things. And it would be an accurate statement. The Iraq war costs more than TARP, and much of the money isn't being spent here. Our best and brightest are putting their time and energy towards overseas destruction, rather than building up our own economy. Plus it should be obvious to all that permanent injuries suffered in battle will cause further strain on our healthcare resources.

In a necessary, justified war, these are unavoidable costs. But these costs are also one more reason to rethink going to war in the first place. Civilians may think that they are unaffected by what happens on the other side of the world. While you may be at less personal risk than a soldier in a combat zone, wars mean higher taxes, higher prices, and less resources for non-defense industries. It certainly can have an impact on your quality of life.

One would think that economic considerations would be secondary in a time of war. When there is an ongoing life or death crisis going on, the collapse of a few companies doesn't seem so bad. On the other hand, it feels so good to gripe about a new ballpark for a change of pace.

Ending the war in Iraq may be the best thing that Obama will ever do for the economy. Starting another war would be the worst.

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