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Offices on the Ballot - Allen County 2024







President of the United States

United States Representative District 3

United States Senator




Governor                                                                                 State Representative District 80

Attorney General                                                                    State Representative District 81

State Senator District 16                                                         State Representative District 82

                                                                                                State Representative District 83

                                                                                                State Representative District 84

                                                                                                State Representative District 85




Circuit Court Judge

County Commissioner District                                               

County Coroner                                                                       

County Council Member At-Large (3)                                   

County Surveyor                                                                    

County Treasurer                                                                   

Republican Precinct Committeeman                                     

Republican and Democrat State Convention Delegates






East Allen County Schools – District 4E                                  Northwest Allen County – District 1

East Allen County Schools – District 5R                                  Northwest Allen County – District 2

East Allen County Schools – District 6R                                  Southwest Allen County – District 1

East Allen County Schools – District 7E                                  Southwest Allen County – District 2

Fort Wayne Community Schools – District 2                          Southwest Allen County – At-Large

Fort Wayne Community Schools – District 3

Fort Wayne Community Schools – District 5


Libertarian Party of Allen County Convention Jan. 24, 2024

Libertarian Donald Rainwater will interact via live feed at the Libertarian Party of Allen County 2024 Annual Convention, Sunday, Jan. 28, noon to 3:30pm, in the private room at Mad Anthony’s Brewing Company, 2002 Broadway, Fort Wayne.

All are welcome, but only LPAC members may vote on candidates, delegates, or bylaws amendments.

Visitors may join LPAC at the meeting for a $20 fee.  

Open mic and scheduled speakers including Evan McMahon, LPIN Chair, will run from 12:15 to 1:15pm.

Libertarian candidates and speakers wanting to present should contact Jeannette Jaquish at 260 750-9013 or or Kristi Avery.

Free, except pay for your meal.

Details at 260 750-9013 or, also where it will be live streamed.  



Libertarian Party of Allen County 2024 Annual Convention & Agenda

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024,  noon to 3:30pm

Mad Anthony's Brewing Company, private room

2002 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN 46802


In Person only.  

Non-interactive Live Stream at


FREE, except the meal.


Non-voting and non-Libertarian guests are welcome.


Bylaws and the LPAC Membership sign-up form and political offices on the ballot will be displayed by 12/29/2023, at


If you want to run for office as a Libertarian, party officer or delegate to the state convention, please contact us earlier: Adam Neumeyer, LPAC Chair, 260 415-3091, or



Food, Fun & Business at the Pre-Convention


Noon to 1:15 pm - Sign in, speeches and socializing.  Order and pay for your own meal. 

            Donald Rainwater will speak via live stream.


CREDENTIALING – Upon arrival check in with the Treasurer Kristi Avery


VOTING:  LPAC and LPIN members who live in Allen County may vote.

You may join LPAC at the convention by paying $20, giving us contact and address information, endorsing basic Libertarian values, and pledging: "I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."


Aspiring DELEGATES should be sure they can attend the March 1, 2024  LPIN Convention: 


If nominated, political CANDIDATES for county office may fill out their filing paperwork at the meeting. 



PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE BYLAWS must be submitted to the Chair or Acting Chair in writing PRIOR to the meeting being called to order.







Call to Order


Credentialing Report


Approval of Agenda


Treasurer's Report


Approval of Minutes of last Convention


Elect Delegates to the State Convention


Call for nominations to local office.  Vote.


Bylaws Amendment Voting, including changes made during business meetings. 


Propose agenda items for next meeting.


Recess to a date certain TBA at our next business meeting,  for the purpose of candidate nomination.





Regular LPAC Meetings are almost always 4th Wednesdays, at 7pm.

-- Odd-Numbered-Month meetings are at the home of Jeannette & Tom Jaquish, 1423 Louisedale Dr. 46808. Potluck and conversation, friendly debate. Home has 2 small dogs. Kids welcome. 260 484-5946.

-- Even-Numbered-Month meetings move around. 

Please check or for updated locations.


2nd Wednesdays: Liberty & Chill is an informal social meet up, with changing locations announced at


Bylaws and Documents at



Libertarian Party of Allen County

Jeannette Jaquish, Secretary, 260 750-9013 cell

Adam Neumeyer,  Chair,

Ethan Gaudette, Vice Chair

Kristi Avery, Treasurer


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Offices on the Ballot - Allen County 2024

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