Monday, April 01, 2013

UNCOVERED Secret Anarchist Plans For Collapse of Federal Government

The best conspiracies can't be proven, because competent conspirators are good at maintaining plausible deniability. Yet this conspiracy is so large, that a majority of the US population is either in the loop or have been duped have into furthering the anarchist agenda. But it's quite simple really. Smart anarchists know better than to resort to violence. Take the government head on, and you'll just end up dead or in prison. But by causing the government to attack other countries and factions, these anarchists can get these people to do their dirty work for them. Another strategy is to get the government to go as far into debt as possible. Once the government defaults, nobody will want to loan it money anymore. How will we bailout our patriotic banks and oil companies when that happens, let alone maintain public order?

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Bob G. said...

You just may be on to something, because I've been leaning the exact same way of late...and the picture being painted is looking MORE like the one hidden in Dorian Gray's attic.
That can't be good!

Stay safe out there.

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