Sunday, November 10, 2013

How much is the Congress Member in the Window; I wonder if they are for sale? Congressional Pay: Does 30 dollars an hour sound fair to you?

Congress works a third to a half less then our kids are forced to be in school.

So $174,000 divided by 12 months is $14,500 Does Congress need a paycut? ..... I think so.
That is $14,500 per month per all 537 Member of Congress minimum. Even pulling 15 hour days times the typical twelve days per month scheduled next year plus and extra 3 days per two week intervals for constituent (that is you the voter) issues and travel time to and from their Congressional District (18 rd days =6.5+12), means that each member of Congress earns at least $805.55r for every minimum working and traveling day and if you go by per diem (each day of the month avg. 30.5) they received a stipend from your tax dollars of $475.41ru. So based on those two numbers $805 and $475 per day divided by 15 hours, each member of Congress at minimum receives an hourly wage of $53.66 per hour or $31.66 per hour.

Even going off the basic work schedule of 113 days the per diem would set at an astonishing $1,539.82 and that is without modifiers and allotments provided. Let us force them to drop their hourly rate by Statute and Amendment to twice the level of the minimum wage but still tagged to inflation and see how fast they raise it for everyone else now.


Michael Enders said...

Are you assuming that members of Congress only work when they are in session? They also meet with constituents and interest groups, both in Washington and at home districts. Did you count the time that they spend in committee hearings and preparing for hearings? We would like to think that they read at least some of the bills that they vote on. It does take time to read bills, and I hear that some of them even write bills. I object to many of the perks that they get, but when you compare their salaries to the salaries of other persons with similar responsibilities, the salary itself is modest.

Frfozybearftwin Itqp said...

I tried to accomodate as many variables that I could verify.

Kenneth White, Jnr.
Vice Chair, LPAC

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