Friday, August 30, 2013

Hoping Obama evolves some more

When a politician changes his stance on a issue and you disagree with the new stance, you might call that "flipflopping". But when you agree with the stance, you could call it "evolving". I'm hoping that the President evolves on Syria and doesn't launch airstrikes. I'm hoping that he realizes that this isn't the way to restore America's reputation. I'm hoping that even if people remember what he said about a red line being crossed, he realizes it's better to lose a little face than lose a lot of lives and property. I hope that he realizes that you cannot bring about peace nor can you win a war just by dropping bombs. I'm hoping that he realizes that neither the Assad regime nor the Syrian rebels are worthy of being our allies. Assad's chief redeeming quality is that he wants to kill the type of people who record themselves dismembering corpses and eating pieces of them. The rebels' chief redeeming quality is that they want to kill Assad. That really doesn't give us much to work with here.

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