Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thanks Again Democrats For Such A Wonderful Evening With Zach Wahls! Oh and BTW Welcome To Fort Wayne

 So after the Zach Wahls Live event at the Embassy Theatre, which was totally phenomenal and beyond any expectations - even though only about 250 people showed up, I decided to follow such a profound experience with this extraordinarily humble young man, with a treat that I hadnt had since I last went on an a cross country rescue mission four years ago....A Wendy's BIGGIE Frosty.

Yes you heard me correctly all 44 ounces of creamy like fake chocolate drink mix that is slightly frozen and made to look like a milkshake. For those whom dont remember, BIGGIE Drinks they were the first 44 ouncers way back in the day, they cost the same as two medium FROSTYS put together in one hugnormous cullinary fiscal coupe. It was like having your cake eating it and then taking the rest home to munch on ..... They didnt have it.

What do you mean they dont have BIGGIE Frosty's anymore?

Not only do they not have BIGGIE Frosty's They dont have BIGGIE ANYTHING anymore. Mayor Bloomberg already got his wish but it wasnt for health reasons it was common market forces dictating profits/losses and capital cost as well as supposedly a consumer base not partaking of said larger portion sizes. The recession and self preservation probably has something to do with it too.

One of the first known steps for market preservation is for companies to reduce quantity rather than raise prices they will always default to one before the other. You can see it in small ways especially if you are as tight with a buck as this ghetto redneck queen can be. Gravy Train used to be 18 pound bags for $7.50 now it just went down from 17.6# for $8 to 16. Diaper Wipes used to be in containers of 250-300 for $4 now you are lucky to get 216 diaper wipes for $4.50 (Dollar General). You see it in Ice Cream all the time, its gone from a gallon to a half a gallon to a quart and a half all in three years time. ....I am to the pointe that Im just going to spend my money on an Crofton 1.6 quart Ice Cream Maker from Aldi and tell the rest of the world to milk my goat if they want some.... Even now Aldis has increased their cow juice prices from 1.79 to 2.29 a gallon. Market preservation works but there comes a time when consumers need to see the price increase to understand the true value of the food they are consuming and/or wasting rather than the convenience of the same size container at the same price even if there is less in there to begin with. Ignorance is not always blissful.

Anyway back to my depressing news about this now large 20 oz. FROSTY for $2.36: Do you realize that our economy has changed so much without us realizing it that this large Frosty is technically 2-4 oz. smaller than what used to be a medium for almost the same cost as a previous medium. So not only am I getting ripped out of 4 ounces of fake milk ice product and Im now prohibited from enjoying a larger size or BIGGIE size if my heart so desires to do so.

And that is the difference between the other two parties Republicans want the same or less product for less money while Democrats want you to have the same amount that your father had but still pay the same amount or slightly more and neither one want you to know let alone listen to you complain about getting screwed sideways. Libertarians want you to know that your getting screwed either way and they know how not to screw you or anyone else over or under.

So are we better off now than we were four years ago or 8 or ten or 12 or twenty? Yes we are but we still havent learned the lesson to pay attention to not just what we consume but how we consume it or that occasionally it will try to consume us. Remember that please when you take a look at whom is right not just for the next four years of our Country's future but whom will best position us to succeed to the pointe where we can fully restore the value and accessibility of the BIGGIE Frosty to the marketplace of ideas.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The previous was an excerpt from a personal post on my facebook page and has been edited for space personal content and a concise communication of ideas. If you wish to review the original entire commentary please click the link directly above and be aware that it may not be suitable for all readers.

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