Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Admin Note: Were doing a mid Summer's night Sweep of the LPAC blog

Since its been two years since I last tinkered with the blog it is taking a bit to get it back up to par; however I am trying to do it thouroughly all in one weekend, below is the list of local blogs that we still have that had provided still working links prior. If you know of any other blogs or newsfeeds or social networking feeds we should link to regarding the political and social life line of Allen County, Indiana and for that matter North East Indiana. Please leave the information in the comments section below.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this matter regarding our service to the Community.

Blessings Along The Journey,
MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.
Vice Chair, LPAC
(fmr Secretary 2008-2010)

Local Blogs

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