Friday, June 29, 2012

SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare

The decision written by Chief Justice Roberts isn't surprising, it's baffling. He said that the Constitution allows the mandate to obtain insurance because it is a tax. Did he take legislative intent into account? Many of the Representatives and Senators who voted for the Affordable Care Act insisted that it was not a tax. If we take them at their word, either it was their intent that it was not a tax or they were misinformed about their own intent.

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Michael Enders said...

My first thought was that Chief Justice Roberts must be a moron to think that a penalty is a tax. The one thing the Obama administration got right was that the penalty is not a tax. Then I thought about how most of the federal tax code is more about rewarding behavior that the government approves of and penalizing behavior that it dis approves of than it is about raising revenue. The frog has been in hot water for a long time. Maybe we should thank Obama and Roberts for heating the water fast enough for the frog to notice and jump out of the water. We shall see.