Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What does a Muslim look like?

There have been some calls for Muslim men to be subject to extra scrutiny when boarding an airplane. Morality aside, this simply is not an effective strategy for detecting or deterring potential terrorists. How do you tell if someone is Muslim?

You could ask them, since most Muslims are quite open about their faith. But I would suspect that a Muslim with hostile intentions would lie about his faith to avoid increased scrutiny.

Skin color is a poor indicator, since there are black, white, and Asian Muslims.

In India, if a male body goes unclaimed, it is given a Muslim burial if the penis is circumcised and Hindu cremation if it has not been cut. Of course this method of determining someone's religious faith would be ineffective in the US.

Putting in a policy that subjects Muslims to additional scrutiny would only serve to alienate peace-loving Muslims.


Tim Zank said...

You honestly saw no similarity in appearance of the 911 hijackers?

Robert Enders said...

They all had dark hair and brown eyes. So do I.

Daddy said...

I have read somewhere that they have to put a special clothing on them when they go to paradise via suicide. Not sure if all of them follow it. Rumors were that 9/11 ones jave had this special occasion clothing on them, and any reasonably trained airline/airport employe should have recognized it. Oh, well...

Anyway if it is true that they need to wash their feet prior to suicide bording, watching for it in the aiport may reveal who may be few suspects. Not so many fellow americans wash their feet in the airport restroom sinks.

The problem though is that the catching needs to be 100% assured which is hard to do.

F6's Editor said...


That is the worst issue of profiling and racial religious stereotyping I have heard in a long time...

Any Muslim who is stopping to pray regardless of intention is going to wash their feet in a bathroom sink before stepping into holy prayer.

And if I hear one more person bitch about Muslims praying 5 times a day as something distinct I am going to throw all four volumes of the Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours in their general direction and tell them to pick it up and have the testicular/ovarian fortitude to pray the official prayer of the Church, the other half of the Church's Liturgy in public at the same time and see who finishes first.

Here is how Official Church prayer breaks down:

Matins or Office of Readings 3am
Lauds or Morning Prayer 6am
Midday Prayer (3 parts, pray 1 of the 3 each day, 9am or 12Nn or 3pm)
Vespers or Evening Prayer 6pm
Compline or Night Prayer 9pm

Lets count and see, yep that is 5 times a day, so much for that rumor, apparently every Catholic Religious Priest falls into the same category of a terrorist. And if we Christians were authentic about our faith we would also remove our shoes and not just wash our own feet in a bathroom sink before entering into public prayer at a given hour but we would also help wash our fellow Muslim brother's feet too, as LORD Joshua Emmanuel of Nazareth (Christ Jesus) commanded no less at The Last Supper by washing the Disciples feet Himself.

I'm disappointed with your bias,

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.
Bishop, OIRCC

Daddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daddy said...


The question has been asked and I quote "How do you tell if someone is Muslim?". Taking pants off dould not help as an original poster noticed. I simply tried to guess what other method could be without relying on asking. You are welcome to get with better tests if you are interested in subject.

However unjustified accusations are not helpful in addressing the subject.

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