Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thought of the day

Our country was a lot safer when our enemies fought each other. Remember the good old days when Iraq was fighting Iran and Osama Bin Ladin was fighting the Soviets?


Doug said...

Yeah, we were funding Iraq and Osama bin Laden back then. That worked out spectacularly well. Probably helping out sociopaths just to give our current enemies trouble isn't the best foreign policy.

Robert Enders said...

We've also sold weapons to the Soviets and Iran.

I probably should have clarified myself. While it is bad form to actively encourage countries to pursue a military solution in lieu of a diplomatic one, we should count our blessings when dictators and fanatics wage war against each other instead of us. The world may never be at peace, but we could be at peace.

Daddy said...

# we should count our blessings when dictators and
# fanatics wage war against each other instead of us.

..assuming we are interested that their population suffer the war as well.

Robert Enders said...

We're counting OUR blessings, Daddy, not THEIR blessings or lack there of.

Daddy said...


and than we advocate relocating them here (perhaps not to our backyard but to far away blue states) to could more blessing and pat ourselves how good we are. Could it be the reason they do not like us in the first place? Because it is not about them feeling bad but about us feeling good?

Robert Enders said...

Didn't the US invade the country that you were born in during the 20th century? Exactly how did it make that country feel about the US?

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