Thursday, September 03, 2009

We need a new word

Some people claim to hate labels, but the fact is that we need them to communicate effectively. You are only permitted a finite number of characters in your social network profiles, so words like "liberal", "conservative", and "libertarian" come in handy when describing your beliefs or the beliefs of others.

What am I supposed to call a person who advocates handing taxpayer dollars over to a company without expecting anything in return? Suppose there was a cut in corporate subsidies; what name would be on the buttons and banners of those who oppose the cut? I can't imagine that anyone would organize a "Rally for Corporate Welfare", but there is clearly some support for these programs or else they would not exist. Liberals like Michael Moore opposed TARP and the Big 3 bailouts, and so did conservatives like Rush Limbaugh.

So what do we call these people? TARPists? Tarpies? I'm not trying to be insulting, I just don't know what to call a person who takes money from the working class and gives it to a dysfunctional company. I do try to be fair to people on the other side of a debate by calling them the name that they choose for themselves. I'm going to go with "Tarpy" until one of them suggests a better name.


Doug said...

Whatever word you come up with, it should include people who favor farm subsidies - because it's the same general principal.

Robert Enders said...

I agree! There are two kinds of farmers:
1. Farmers who are able to grow their own food and don't need help.
2. Farmers who can't grow food and therefore shouldn't be farmers in the first place.

Daddy said...

While current farm subsidies are grossly overextended to create a class of landlords, some farm subsidies may still be needed to guarantee a stable food supply when/if foreign competition starts driving them out of business. One do not want to rely on foreigners discretion for a food supply. Can you live a week without a food? I can't.

Robert Enders said...

There is no shortage of food in the United States. In fact, subsidized food is exported and drives foreign producers out of business.

Daddy said...

all true, but that does not mean we should want it reversed

Robert Enders said...

If there ever are food shortages in the US, that will be a time when we discover who our true friends are. As things stand now, our agricultural policies are doing little to endear to other countries.

jnet jquish said...


How about "subsidizers"? Or "Suds" for short?

Then "corporate subsidizers"
or "farm subsidizers"

Corp Suds or Farm Suds for short.

or "tunnel visioned, tax payer ignoring, corporate subsidizers"
or TVTPICS (Te-vee-tee-pics)?

This is a good blogsite. Thanks for tuning me in to it.


Daddy said...

Farm subsidies are to guarantee that in case on some cataclysmic event, there is an abundance of production capacity and there is no mass starvation.

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