Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

I have some hope that the current crisis is at least half over. The fog of war keeps us from knowing the enemy's capabilities. The uncertainty of it all is more scary than the actual danger. You are more likely to die in a car wreck, but at least you know the odds.

How will it end? Sooner or later we'll have to negotiate with the Taliban. The Continental Army did not kill every Loyalist, the Union did not kill or capture every Confederate, and there are ex-Nazis resting comfortably in German retirement homes. We'll bring the troops home. If we don't get attacked again, we can call that victory. If we do get attacked again, we'll reinvade.


Daddy said...

As Japanese, Carthaginians and other defeated nations would tell us, once a certain event happens the only way to survive is to surrender and to be nice to our next overloads. If reluctant to support offense, it may be logical to start stocking burkas and growing beards.

Robert Enders said...

There's a difference between "negotiate" and "surrender". At this point I think that the Afghan and Pakistani are better suited to deal with the Taliban than we are. But I also suspect that Obama doesn't want to be compared to Nixon, and that's why he isn't pushing for "Afghanizing" the fight against the Taliban.