Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Secure ID

Next year, Indiana will require people to show a passport, birth certificate, or other documentation proving one's legal status in order to get your driver's license or state ID renewed.

SecureID might very well be a bill of attainder. If people with valid ID's cannot get them renewed, then they will not be able to vote, thus denying their rights as citizens.

I am Robert Enders. I am a US citizen. If you think the first statement is false, prove it and send me to prison for identity theft. If you think the second statement is false, prove it and deport me. Otherwise, let me renew my driver's license.

LPAC SECRETARY: The preceding text was cited and quoted by Niki Kelley's and Benjamin Lanka's weekly column THE POLITICAL NOTEBOOK in the Fort Wayne Newspapers' Journal Gazette on the 19th of July 2009 (Pg 5C 5th subtitle c3,ip9 through c4,ip4)


milton f said...

Are you sure you are a "U.S. citizen"?

Or are you an Indiana Citizen? This would qualify you as a u.S. citizen. Can a "union of several states" even have citizens?


Tim Zank said...

So Robert, any one should be able to cast a vote, correct? Regardless whether they live in any given precinct, state, or use 10 different alias's, or simply like to "frick" with the man?

I assume you feel we should just open an extra lane at Kroger to vote, after all, it appears it'll make no measureable difference anyway.

Why bother to have elections at all if I can drive around to 16 different polling places, produce no i.d. and just vote?

Robert Enders said...

I did not say that the state should repeal the requirement to show ID at the polls. I'm saying that an existing Indiana state driver's licence should be enough to get my licence renewed.

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