Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please Mayor Henry...

To All,

I have considered Harriso
n Square to be a blight on our communities economic health from the beginning, but the Fort Wayne City Council and previous Mayor disagreed with me and proceeded to go ahead with funding it.

Now with the massive revitalization project on course you would think that our city leaders would get down there from time to time in order to see first hand where things stand. Sadly, it would appear that none of them have taken the time to check on the status of our cities downtown anchor of economic progress. For if they had they would certainly have been as saddened and outraged as I am tonight.

For you see tonight I went downtown to King Gyro's with a friend for dinner. When I pulled up in the parking lot I could not believe the disgrace and dishonor flying above Harrison Square.

On the tallest crane overlooking Harrison Square was a sad and offensive sight: The American Flag in tatters and ruin. This was not a combat Flag that had survived a great battle such as Normandy, Iwo Jima, or Belleau Wood. No, this was just a Flag that should be put to rest by the VFW with the respect and dignity that it rightfully and justly deserves.

We do not need this dishonor on our city. The funding of Harrison Square is a laughable tragedy. The flying of this Flag over Harrison Square is an offense to all who understand that the American Flag is not just a piece of cloth with pretty colours, but rather a symbol of the ideals and greatness that we as a nation strive to achieve. To some of us it actually means something.

So please Mayor Henry, tear down that flag. Send it to the VFW where it will be shown the respect that it has earned.


Doug Horner
Chairman, LPAC

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UPDATE: 16th of February 2009

I spoke with Rachel Blakeman, Public Information Officer for the City of Fort Wayne, this afternoon to conference on this issue. She assured me that the City has been informed, per the reading of this post earlier in the day, and have, as of this afternoon, replaced the flag on the crane @ Harrison Square. Thanks goes out to Rachel for her candor and the persons who very timely corrected this disrespect to our Nation's banner of stars and stripes, Ol' Glory is now once again a grand olde flag.

Blessings In Liberty & Peace Be With Y'all,

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Allen County:

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Anonymous said...

While I was missing your general meeting tonight, I took the time to read Andy Horning's Blog,
where he proposes "An Indiana Resolution of 2009". One can only hope that the libertarians of Allen County are discussing this-AT THIS TIME! So sorry I was not there.

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