Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My response to Reverend White's Tincaps promotion

In my opinion, this blog is primarily intended to promote libertarian policies. Occasionally it can be used to promote the common good in other ways as well, like encouraging people to volunteer or use energy-saving light bulbs. Fozy and I share an equal partnership in administrating this blog, and neither of us exercise editorial control over each other's posts.

Parkview Field is one of many entertainment venues in Fort Wayne. It does not serve this blog purposes to encourage people to choose one form of entertainment over other entertainment.

It is nobody's business but your own how you choose to spend your free time. Go out to a movie or stay home and watch TV. Go out to a bar or stay home and get drunk. Sit down and watch sports or get up and play sports. Do nothing or do something; it's entirely up to you.

It is nobody's business but your own how you choose to spend your discretionary income. Shop online or shop in a mall. Gamble in a casino or speculate in the stock market. Give to a charity or go on vacation.

Ignore anyone who implies that you have a obligation to support any particular business. It is up to that business to earn your support.


AWB said...


A big BLECH for your post. While I am certainly one of the most outspoken critics of the entire Harrison Square mess, I see nothing wrong with any local political party attempting to support local businesses, no matter who they are.

Also, given the very, very small amount of traffic you get here (average of 35 visits a day and half of them are most likely you and White), more content could certainly help this site.

Oh, and you stated "It is nobody's business but your own how you choose to spend your discretionary income"...

Hello Pot, meet Kettle.

Robert Enders said...

BLECH to your comment. LPAC supports local businesses by holding our meetings in local restaurants. Members decide for themselves whether or not they want to buy any food, but I personally eat a lot and tip well. But I think political parties should avoid anything that can be construed as an endorsement of a particular business. It can actually hurt both the party and the business being endorsed. If the GOP endorsed Pepsi, that would motivate Democrats to drink Coke and Coke stakeholders to vote for Democrats.

We're working on creating more content, but I'm not worried about daily traffic. Some people check our blog once a week, and some simply subscribe to the RSS feeds.

I do stand by the statement that you quoted. When have I said or done anything that contradicts it?

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