Monday, December 15, 2008

Need Ideas for LPAC Flier

To All,

For sometime now we have been working on a flyer for the Libertarian Party of Allen County to print and distribute. We look forward to sharing our views and information with the general public.

For a long time one of my concerns has been how we are perceived by the public. Many have heard of us but few really know what our agenda is (or is NOT).

I look forward to giving every Libertarian who lives in Allen County or NE Indiana the tools available to help us share a vision of government.

While this flier could be used anywhere we are focusing on Allen County.

One of the dilemmas has been the use of pictures to bring to the reader a sense of the county itself. Any ideas you may have of a photograph that would tell you "yep, this is my county" would be greatly appreciated!!!

So far I have come up with the idea of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, however, I don't believe this is the best and it could be misinterpreted by a reader who may wonder what it has to do with Allen County. I am looking for a better idea of what you would see that would remind you of home. And not JUST Fort Wayne, but rather the entire county.

I don't know if such a location, building, or site even exists, but I do know that more people generating ideas is better than just the officers or the people who can make it to a meeting.

So think about it. You can post any idea you have here or Email me directly at Doug.Horner2@Verizon.Net.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!!!

Doug Horner


Anonymous said...

howe about a crack head running down barr street naked that should bring in the legalizing vote

Robert Enders said...

Anon 4:14pm
We could also reprint your comment with spelling and punctuation errors intact. That could bring in the education reform vote.

Personally, I have no experience with illegal drugs. But it is my understanding that most crackheads just pass out on the couch after taking a hit. A person who runs down the street naked while high was probably crazy before they started drugs. Anyhow, I tend to favor certain laws against public indecency due to public health reasons.

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