Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tomorrows Guest Is Andrew Horning Candidate for Governor of Indiana

"....I live in a little town called Freedom, Indiana....
I've lived like a regular life, I have had bad years.
I've had my own business.
I'm trying to raise a family on a little farm. We've got a goat.

We have some of the same problems everyone else does,
well it's not just the goat.

The biggest problem we have is...politicians.
These guys know where I live; they wont leave me alone...."

Libertarian Andrew Horning,
Candidate For Governor of Indiana

Closing Debate Remarks
16 September 2008 Merrillville, Indiana
If you missed the Indiana Debate Commission's first of three presentations last night take an hour to watch as Libertarian candidate Andrew Horning (Blog: We Declare) hands incumbent Republican Mitchell Daniels and former Under Secretary of Agriculture and 4th District Federal Representative Democrat hopeful Jill Long Thompson their towels and tells them to go home. Tomorrow you will have an opportunity to ask Mr. Horning your questions live and local as he will be the guest this month on our live hour long call- in show Libertarians At Large, with our host Doug Horner from 7-8 p.m. on Comcast 57 and Verizon 27.

If you want to follow this historic tradition of bringing new ideas to the marketplace and allowing the citizens to decide their future of this great State, or just enjoy the humor of political bantering, the Indiana Debate Commission's two remaining debates continue on the Tuesday 23rd of September in Jasper, Indiana as a Town Hall format. The third will be held on Tuesday the 14th of October in Bloomington, Indiana.

As a reminder, and part of LPACs public service also, Monday the 6th of October is the deadline to register to vote and be counted amongst those who choose to make their voices be heard for the future of our County, State, and Nation. You may register to vote locally by visiting the Allen County Election Board or to verify with the State, via the world wide web.

We have a representative democracy for a reason. If you don't vote you don't get represented.

Libertarians At Large airs on channels Comcast 57 and Verizon 27, from 7-8 p.m., every third Thursday of the month. Tune in tomorrow night as this month's guest will be Libertarian, Andrew Horning, candidate for Governor of Indiana, this November 4th. Call in to ask questions or just let us know you are listening. Contribute to the conversation.

As always the Libertarian Party of Allen County would like to thank Access Fort Wayne and The Allen County Public Library for providing us these opportunities to serve the public and promote the discussion at all levels of government about what is best for the future of of our communities, state, and nation.


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