Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Ice Rink

It's good to hear that someone wants to build a new ice rink. While this project happens to be less controversial than HS for the simple reason that a lot less public funds are being used, the project would not be endangered if the city did not provide the $250,000 towards the new development. If the city cannot afford to hire new police officers after a recent spat of killings, the city cannot afford to sponsor an ice rink.


Bernie's Dad said...

I'd rather have something for nothing (a skating ring for $1 per resident), than pay to feds over $3000 per head including babies (1 trillion/300M US citizens) in the last month for bailing out irresponsible borrowers and lenders.

Also I am puzzled by a cry for more cops coming from a Libertarian Party member. Should we cry for more freedom instead?

Robert Enders said...

Sure, if you compare the skating rink to the bailout, it looks good by comparison. This post was not about the bailout, which the city government has no control over. This post was about fiscal responsibility on the local level.

Libertarians believe that government's role is to protect its citizens, and that includes protecting its citizens from each other.

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