Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Official Notice Regarding Candidates up for Election this November.

Official Notice:

Due to a communication error and gaps of information, our Party Chair, Douglas Horner, will not be running for Allen County Council At Large, this November. Local voters will still have the following seven Libertarian Party candidates to choose from in these respective contests that are enclosed below.


MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr., Secretary
Libertarian Party of Allen County

Federal Elections

Former Georgia Congressman Robert Laurence "Bob" Barr, Jr and Wayne Allyn Root are running for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States against Republican John Sidney McCain III and Democrat Barack Hussein Obama II, both of which have not yet chosen their running mate.

William Larsen is running for 3rd US Congressional District
against 7 term Republican incumbent Mark Souder and Democratic hopeful Michael Montagano.

George Holland is running for 6th US Congressional District
against Republican 4 term incumbent Michael Pence and Democrat Barry Welsh.
Mike Pence (according to rumors) plans to ride out this election and run for Senate against Evan Bayh in 2010.

State Elections

Andrew Horning and Lisa Kelly are contending for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Indiana
against 1 term incumbent Republicans Mitchell Elias Daniels, Jr. and Rebecca Skillman and against, former Congresswoman and Federal Agriculture Under Secretary, Jill Lynette Long-Thompson and 10 year incumbent State Representative Dennie Ray Oxley II on the Democratic ticket.

Herbert "Jack" Evans is the sole competitor for the people in the 83rd District State Representative seat currently held by Republican Matthew Bell who is running to maintain incumbency and wanted to run for the (13th District) State Senate seat caused by the retirement of Robert L. Meeks from office and just hold the seat for whomever the State GOParty would choose to replace him with, but those plans got fouled up due to a gap of communication too. Supposedly from what I have heard, there is now a Democratic contender in the 83rd as well, but I am still having trouble finding any information.

In every essence that means the vote in the 83rd District State Representative only has one true contender. It is time to tell them no by voting for the only true choice in all these races...


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