Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Modern Modest Proposal: National Service

Our children respect authority as much as Rudy Giuliani respects the sanctity of marriage. By age 18, the average high school senior has done as much drugs as Cindy McCain. Video games are teaching them that horrific violence is ok even if you are not following the President’s orders. Our children are not learning proper values. To teach them through example would mean that we would have to clean up our own acts. So instead, I propose a national service program.

Now, to pay a adult less than $6.55 an hour to work is exploitation. But to make a teenager work for free builds character. Forcing them to do volunteer work for the government will make them loyal, patriotic citizens. The government can in turn sell that labor to US companies, helping America compete in the global sneaker industry and helping to reduce the deficit at the same time. As a bonus, the parents get to spent time away from the kids. Everybody wins.

To view the original Modest Proposal, click here.


Charles M. Langley said...

It was my understanding, at least from Obama for America, that volunteer service would be repaid in the form of some assistance for college and other school loans. That is an idea I am completely behind.

Robert Enders said...

If you are offering lucrative compensation to a person to perform civilian labor, then that person is not a volunteer. These kids will not be acting out of altruism, but out of self-interests.

There are already plenty of opportunities to volunteer. You can give blood, tutor students, pick up litter, etc.