Saturday, July 12, 2008

Local Democrats pandering @ Festival a violation of the Organization's rules

This is a continuation from a post on my personal blog.

I do want to issue a challenge though to THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF ALLEN COUNTY though. In their recent post Deb Monroe stated
"Several candidates will be greeting citizens along the parade route prior to the start of Saturday's Three Rivers Parade. If you would like to walk with or for them, please respond here!"
The TRF is a non partisan event and does not allow political parties to be brandished during TRF events. While the sidewalks may be fair game, I am still crying foul for certain candidates going ahead of the National City Parade on the same route and harassing the citizens and visitors with campaign materials. This is a clear violation of spirit behind the TRF Rules and Practices and the nature of The Festival itself. They came to see a parade not a politician.

While the LPAC members believe that we as a viable community organization and a valid voice for the people, should be able to both a. march in the parade and b. have a booth to distribute information. We have abided by the TRF request to remain outside of The Festival's events. If the candidates do go through with this, I hope that Shannon White will consider pressing criminal trespass and civil rights violations against each of the candidates participating in this indirect violation of Freedom of Association of Festival attendees today.


Robert Enders said...

I agree that if we are not allowed to participate as an organization, neither should the Democrats. Criminal charges would be a little harsh, though.

bentodd2000 said...

Bob Barr DVD now available.

Bernie's Dad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin Knuth said...

Wow,let me get this right:
The LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF ALLEN COUNTY wants to prevent citizens (TAXPAYERS) from walking on streets that they pay for?


F6's Editor said...

No Kevin

It is called playing politics fairly. If an organizations event or venue says no politics that means, no politics!!

Kevin Knuth said...

But there are politics.

Congressmen, Mayor's and others are allowed to walk in the parade.

I am truly shocked that a libertarian would endorse censorship.

F6's Editor said...

At that pointe they are walking in the parade respective to their elected office and leadership for/in the community, not their politics. I dont endorse censorship, but I do endorse a businesses right to set its own policies and practices standards.

Mike Kole said...

Kevin: Here's a thought experiment for you.

If I place a 6' x 12' Bob Barr sign on your front lawn, and you insist it be taken down, are you guilty of censorship, or just maintaining control of what's yours?

Kevin Knuth said...


You made my point for me.

The Festival DOES NOT OWN the sidewalks that taxpayers provide.

As long as the festival has existed, candidates of BOTH major parties have walked the pre-parade route.

However, using the arguments put forth here- why does LPAC defend Bill Larsen? The Show Choir was "controlling what was theirs". Their rules clearly state (and it is always posted as well) that you cannot record or take pictures during these events. (The Choirs use the money raised to help fund their other events)...yet according to this blog, he was in the right to fight it.

So, like the festival- they had rules....shouldn't those have been followed?

(oh, and that size sign would violate the city sign ordinance!)

Robert Enders said...

Ok, I'm late coming back to this thread.
Fozy, if they get to do it, then we should be doing it too. The sidewalks are a public venue.

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