Friday, October 07, 2005

Mike is leaving for France at 4 PM on Friday!

I will be in France for the next 10 days. I am going on a school trip with IPFW to Grenoble.

Grenoble is in the French Alps. It should be a fun trip.

I will be attending some lectures given by some French Professors in a Graduate school in Grenoble, that should be interesting. I hope they do not spout a bunch of Anti-American gibberish, that could get ugly (for them)!

I will be back on Sunday October 16th.

I will be updating my blog from France; however, I doubt that I will be able to update it as often as I generally do

My wife Karena will be making several posts while I am gone. She will most likely post about The Colts...

Doug Horner, Secretary of the Libertarian party of Allen County will be making some posts as well... Who knows what he will be posting about.

I will try to make my posts about France, especially the culture...


Anonymous said...

go see so WWII battle field sites or castles while your there.


Craig said...

Be safe Mike.

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