Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fiscal INSANITY in Fort Wayne

A new proposal from The City of Fort Wayne is on its way to The Fort Wayne City Council; and it is really dumb.

If we had fiscal conservatives on The City Council, this absurd proposal would fail.

With the people we have; it will pass easily...

Expect to see your water bill go up 25% AND expect to see your Waste Water bills to go up 66%!

Tax, Tax, and Tax.


Mike Kole said...

Mike- What's the proposal?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

The proposal is to increase everyone's Water Bill by 25% and to increase everyone's Waste Water Bill by 66%...

zack said...

Any particular "reason" for the increase?

Gotsta love publicly controlled utilities!

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Same reasons as always.

On the water side they want to expand the City Water plant. Basically, they have annexed so many poeple that they now feel they need to expand the system.

Another interesting note on the water side is the entire attempt by the City to use Eminent Domain to seize Aqua Source up by Pine Valley. Can you believe in their lawsuit the City says they can do a better job and cheaper then Aqua Source?

On the Waste Water side they want to raise more money so they can buy homes on flood plains. They want to tax everyone so they can help a few people, typical Fort Wayne government in action.

Mike Kole said...

These annexations are often sold to those living in the target annexation area as being of some benefit to them- they'll get city services they didn't get before mainly, and sometimes they tout being able to participate in the city government process.

It's important that those not living in the target annexation area pay attention to these acts of engulf & devour. If pressed, city officials will usually tout the newly annexed residents as builders of a fatter tax base. That being the case, you have to wonder why those targeted would want that 'privilege'. But as for the others, they have to know that the city is holding out the promise of providing services. It necessarily has to mean the growth of government. More crews and trucks are needed to plow more streets, the water plant has to be extended, as does the sewer plant. More police and fire will be hired. Etc.

An important thing to watch is the size of Allen County government. It is important that it *shrinks* as the city grows. Why? Because the city is taking roads into its' jurisdiction and out of the county's. Ditto the Sheriff/Police transition, etc.

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