Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another short post from France.

It is official, the only people who like Americans in France seems to be "The Brits!"

When I came here I was somewhat concerned that the EU would seriously compete for the US in the world economy. The more I find out the less Worried I become...


Robert Enders said...

It took Nixon to go to China. It took Mike Sylvester to go to France.

Anonymous said...

Boy talking about 2 completed opposite types of people.
Nixon VS Sly


Robert Enders said...

My comment was inspired by ST:6 in which Spock explained to Kirk that he was selected to escort Gorkon to the Kitomer conference. Spock told Kirk "There is an old Vulcan proverb. 'It took Nixon to go to China.'" The quote meant that it took a stuanch anti-communist to deal with Red China, and that it would take Kirk to open up peace talks with the Klingons. I'm not aware of that saying being said prior to that film's release.

Could a lassiez-faire capitialist help relations with Socialist France? Would it help that "lassiez faire" is a French term?

Anonymous said...

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