Sunday, April 01, 2018


We must secure our borders. Especially our southern border. This isn’t just about people sneaking across the river, bringing in drugs and stealing our jobs. This is about preserving our language, our culture, and our way of life.

You liberals mock me, but take one trip to Clarksville and listen to how people talk. Listen to them use words like “y’all” and “ain’t”. Listen to them say “dinner” when they mean “lunch” and “supper” when they mean “dinner”. Immigration from Kentucky has corrupted our values. And Indiana is forced to accept these migrants by the federal government.

A sovereign nation needs secure borders to exist. This is a basic fact. Since the United States has never had secure borders, this so-called country is in fact still a collection of British colonies. “American independence” is the greatest lie ever told. Are we supposed to believe that a handful of farmers defeated the most powerful army in the world? If we’re so free, why do we still speak the same language as the Queen? Open your eyes to the House of Windsor’s lies.

Indiana can become the first sovereign republic in North America by building walls along all four borders. We must secure our borders against Ohio, a state where people drive like reincarnated kamikazes. We must protect ourselves against Michigan, two peninsulas filled with fanged sewer rats known as Wolverines. We must seal ourselves off from Illinois, the real home of Barack Obama. And don't even get me started on Kentucky, where the horses are better at breeding than the people.

Once the wall is built, we won’t have to turn back our clocks anymore.

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