Sunday, December 24, 2017

Deficits still matter.

Congress and the President have lowered taxes. That is a great first step, but the second step should be to lower spending. The national debt is now $20 trilllion. There is going to be a point where people aren′t willing to loan the government money anymore. The federal government will either have to hyperinflate the dollar, default on some of the bonds, or a combination of both. Expect a HUGE debate on whether or not Social Security benefits should be available to men born after 1959 who failed to register for the draft.

Some people will claim that deficits don′t matter. If this is true, why bother with taxes at all? Just eliminate all taxes, and give everyone EBT cards on top of that. Only people who hate money could possibly oppose that. Except you all know it can′t possibly work.

Democrats won′t cut spending. Republicans will talk about cutting spending, but won′t actually do it. The real reason why Libertarians don′t win elections is because we would actually cut spending.

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Jeannette Jaquish said...

That is it in a nutshell.