Wednesday, October 08, 2014

How many commissioners should Allen County have?

This is the question that will appear on the November 4th ballot:
Shall the county government of Allen County be reorganized to place all executive power in a single county executive and to place all legislative and fiscal powers in the county council?
I will be voting "Yes" for this one.

 A libertarian case for having three county commissioners would run as follows: Each commissioner would run as a check on the other two. And the more inefficient county government becomes, the less damage it can do.

 Another weak argument is that it hasn't been tried before. But having a single elected member of the executive branch is how it is done on every other level of government that we live under.

 County government already leaves a lighter footprint than state, city, and federal government. The services that the county does provide, including police, road maintenance, and Board of Health are important enough that they should be overseen by effective, accountable leadership.

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