Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thank you for your continued support of our candidates!!

I would like to take a brief moment to thank everyone whom supported our candidates across the ballot.

The following is a quick run down with the State totals and percentage followed by the tally in Allen County with the final tally of 97.6% precients reporting. As time permits I will also attempt to come back and edit in the weblog post with the tally from surrounding Counties also.

Gary Johnson 49,359 1.9% 2,193 1.5% President

Andrew Horning for U.S. Senate 145,692 5.8% 6,924 4.8%
Rupert Boneham 100,762 4% 3,790 2.6% Governor
Alex Avery 932 St Rep 81 and James A Hanson 1,379 St Rep 84

Even though we did not poll as strong as we thought we were going to I appreciate everyone whom helped take a stand against politics as usual in the Hoosier State. We did change the conversation. We made the pundits squirm and the politicians fight like hell to keep up their appearance of service. We challenged our fellow Hoosiers to make a difference rather than just being indifferent about a bloated campaign process and sanctioned Pillary of the debates and commercials.

Next year there are no major elections in Indiana. LPAC will take this time to regroup and still continue to serve the citizens of Allen County by changing the way the business of government is allowed to slide pass along our beautiful three rivers without an advocate for the people. Thank you for your participation we also hope to have your help in the future.

Kenneth White, Jnr.
Vice Chair, LPAC

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