Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Have these Libertarians EARNED their Brownie Pointes in the Hoosier State?

Im reposting this from my personal facebook page with the caveat of another announcement and then more information at the end for those whom are still undecided or questioning the logic of the other two parties in Statewide races. Libertarians and friends will be getting together for a casual meetup at The ACME Bar on State Blvd near Crescent Ave around 7p to watch the poll results come in and jaber about politics and plans as we do so well.

If you hadnt heard by now CBS Survivor's Rupert Boneham is the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Indiana and he has released his closing arrangement as to why Hoosiers need to consider the only alternative to the same old pricey bickering and backstabbing of politics as usual as evidenced even during the three debates. Since the main stream press is trying to deny and bury his success in their daily reporting and the Republicans and Democrats are at each others throat on our airwaves please wont you take a moment and share a different message for our future with your family and friends?

Will you join me in voting for Rupert 
for Governor of Indiana this Tuesday?

Pardon me while I pound on the electronic pulpit for a moment.
It is our time to vote for the right man, not just the lesser of two political vagabonds!
Its our time to show the nation that Hoosiers dont just lay on our backs and let an election happen to us!
Its our time to change the conversation of politics as usual, and bring a new hope to the world!

Overall Libertarians have earned their Brownie Pointes this year and I will also ask you to consider our other candidates for Statewide office Alex Avery for State Representative in District 81 providing a decent challenge to Winn Moses and Attorney and father of five Jim Hanson for the same office in District 84 to overthrow Bob 'Thin Mints' Morris's incumbency. I would also ask you to consider Andrew Horning for US Senate against the constant bickering between Murdoch and Donnely on our airwaves. You can find out more about Alex here http://indiana.onpolitix.com/news/173982/meet-the-candidates-alex-avery and Jim here http://indiana.onpolitix.com/news/179549/meet-the-candidates-james-hanson#.UI7PE-D8KUM.facebook courtesy of WANE-TV Newschannel 15

May Your Blessings Of Liberty Be Secured!
Kenneth White, Jnr.
Vice Chair, LPAC

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