Friday, November 04, 2011

The Occupy protests

The Occupy movement has no consistent message, aside from the fact that they are upset with corporations, just as the Tea Party movement has no consistent message aside from the fact that they are upset with the federal government. Large organizations are like parents: necessary, but nobody is going to be happy with everything they do.

I do find some of the symbolism baffling. You would think that these people wearing Guy Fawkes masks would realize what Guy Fawkes actually stood for.

Here is something written by an Occupier that all other Occupiers should read.

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gadfly said...


At least one of your readers will not release the information necessary to sign up for the always dangerous Facebook. Perhaps you could transcribe the salient points of the so-called Occupier into your blog post next time.

As for Guy Fawkes masks, that is as mystifying to me as the rudderless Occupy fiasco organized by the far left.