Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ken Burns' documentary on Prohibition.

I heartily recommend this miniseries. Prohibition was a case of good intentions gone awry. When FDR signed the Cullen–Harrison Act, which legalized 3.2% beer, it was perhaps the single best thing that any US president did for the American economy.


Bob G. said...

I watched every night and had a running "commentary on each episode at my blog.
It was pretty enlightening.

I learned stuff I NEVER knew, and thought about a lot more things.

My parents lived through it (they were children) but they used to tell stories...good ones, too.

And Cullen-Harrison wasn't that bad, considering the past 13 years.

Good post.

Karen Goldner said...

I saw part of it the other night and yes, it was really good. I hadn't realized, for instance, that the major thing which allowed realistic consideration for national prohibition was the income tax. (Before that, the federal govt relied heavily on excise taxes on liquor.) Interesting stuff.

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