Monday, July 18, 2011

Will Social Security checks arrive on time next month?

I think that they probably will. But the President says he cannot guarantee that they will. So let's talk about this. Would you buy a product from a company that could not guarantee that they would deliver that product? Maybe you could get your money back, but in the case of Social Security, your money is the product in question. Whether you blame the President or the GOP for the current fiasco, this is simply one more reason why the federal government should not control your retirement.

I think everyone reading this will agree with the following: "I take the time to weigh each candidate's qualifications and stances on the issues. But sometimes they break their promises once elected. And sometimes some douchebag from a different party cons a bunch of morons into voting for him." The fact is that the wrong people have a way of gaining power. People might disagree about who the wrong people are. But if you put your healthcare and your retirement in the hands of the government, you are putting it in the hands of those wrong people.

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